HomeField was not the first Interior & Design company we contacted. We had several others who visited us and after some questions, they handed over a brief proposal containing their vision on our requirements, nicely and within budget. But the offer was never showing our vision.

On our first visit with Hilde she really listened and asked many discovery questions. She proposed three options. One the way we saw it, the two others containing our requirements but with some added value based on her professional experience. She helped us to look beyond, but still within reason. Once we selected a concept, she suggested changes (nicely stuffed with the impact on our budget!). The choice to go with her or to deny the additions was always fully ours. Hilde always provided insight such as the advantages and disadvantages of any choice. It seemed as though from the start, she knew what we were looking for without even knowing us. We’re comfortable with her advice, regardless of budget. With no regrets, we’re living our best life!

Hilde is an open communicator and always polite. To ensure a smooth successful project, she organized a site meeting upfront with all the contractors.  Other than some small items, the project was finished within time and budget!
Her leading the project was worth it for us. We knew our project was in good hands and followed through to completion very smoothly.

We will certainly contact her for our next renovation project(s)!

Mr. P. Tulpin


Hilde has original ideas and understands the clients’ needs. She makes her own designs. She designed my medical office/space, er work is outstanding. I’m always receiving compliments from my patients.

Mr. P Vercammen



When the relocation date was suddenly approaching quickly, we panicked. Our turnkey apartment still had to be finished. We found Hilde online, and she finished the job in under two months. 

Our interior was beautifully decorated by Hilde Van den Bossche of HomeField, with furniture and decoration from Charrell and Marie’s Corner, among others. I personally prefer a classic, my husband Eric likes modern, but together with Hilde we have found the middle ground. The result is contemporary but radiates warmth. We are very satisfied. We dreaded moving our house to a duplex apartment, but because of the openness and warm colors that Homefield uses, we always experience a feeling as if we’re on holiday.


MArried Couple

We moved into a one-bedroom apartment. The bedroom was so small we could barely fit all of our clothes. I always dreamed of a dressing room, but the bedroom was just too small for that. Hilde then came up with a great idea that we would never have imagined for ourselves and now we have a dressing room in our bedroom and still enough space to get out of bed! We finally have the space we needed for our clothes, without making the room feel smaller. She was able to make the room seem larger!

Nathalie Haesevoets


When we wanted to renovate our bathroom, we didn’t know how to start. We had some about what it should look like, but who do you contact and where do you find what you’re looking for, how much will it cost. Hilde from HomeField helped us with all of this. She gave advice on practical matters (where to place the shower, which materials to use, where to find the sinks you are looking for, etc…) She also contacted the people who would carry out the work. She constantly consulted with us, the bathroom was decorated the way we wanted it. The result: I am still happy every morning when I walk into my bathroom. The right colors, the solid materials, it’s all so right!

Hilde also assisted us in the further renovation of our house with advice, especially in the choice of the curtains and the colors of the walls. She has amazing taste and feels what you want as a client. I can certainly recommend HomeField!

Martine Neyens